I can’t claim to have the time and energy to give a newsworthy summation of the ground covered by this event, but it’s worth underscoring given that it was a raving success in terms of turnout and temperment.

For the record, seven was the attendance number, with GO commentators Ulysses, Uber, Pete, Alex, occassionaly commentator Wendy, and Alex’s friend, whose name I’ve now had several days to forget. Irony of ironies, the table next to ours was host to not one, but two gaggles of underaged teenaged girl gangs … as if to tempt (or was it mock?) the male portion of our contingent.

Much earthshattering ground was covered, numerous topics from home decor, politics, architecture, site design, The Simpsons, and a plethora of others were discussed in great enough detail to solve all the world’s problems. If you weren’t there, you were worse off for it.

Something tells me that this event will be worth repeating and (sadly) will have much of the same contingent back for a repeat. Could be worse … you could have your name tagged on it as the event organizer.